Collecting pieces of own history

“Some people have the desire to collect more or less expensive items according to what one can afford – I also possess a collection albeit very modest as is usual in the beginning.” Bolesław Prus, The Waistcoat

There are different ways of collecting memories. While we are travelling, learning the world, meeting people, participating in all the crazy events, we try to remember, save for ourselves as much as we can. Photos, movies, music but also little collection of peculiarities. I am collecting them for a few years. Autumn leaves, tickets from a cinema, old postcards, a treasure found somewhere in grass, or even little stone dug out on a beach.

Two years ago, I received “box for peculiarities”. The box is like a casket for all the magic is going on around me. All these small things, carriers of the best memories found their place in it.

There are certain things, that we can’t record or took a picture of. There are days when the sun is shining just like in a day when I was starting another adventure, warm wind is blowing just like in the first day of the summer and air smells like in a one of beautiful days of the last spring. Memories make the past colorful, and they are hopelessly screaming for repeat. Are screaming hopelessly, because know they will stay only as a picture in mind, which will make sweet smile on one’s face.